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LICA happily deploys collective intelligence and digital tools to meet the challenges of our contemporary world.

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 Digital tools, collective intelligence and cooperation to solve community issues : a trans-disciplinary approach for your training and needs.



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Innovate in your territorial strategy, digital services and governance procedures.


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We are a participatory action-research laboratory which test, deploy and couple digital tools with collective intelligence methods to meet issues of our contemporary world and create collective projects with inclusive and sustainability goals

We are  interpreters and bridges between public and private institutions, academical research organisations and citizens to achieve social and digital transitions towards environmental sustainability of communities.

About us

LICA is at the crossroad of engineering, projects management, research activities, design, prospective methods as well as human facilitation activities. We join our forces for building digital tools, cooperative methods, artificial intelligence, environmental engineering, methods for collective intelligence, social and cultural innovation. Our approach is novel, multidisciplinary and is applied on a strategic, tactical and operational level. We reshape the management culture in alignment with constantly changing social norms and ethical standards to bloom new and innovative solutions.

Our financial partners

Ministère du Travail, de l'Emploi et de l'Insertion
Plan d'inverstissement dans les compétences
Banque des Territoires
Ministère de la Culture
Région Sud PACA



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