"Le 15"
A workplace to embody transitions 

LICA carries a project of Learning Lab in downtown Marseille within a wooded private park of 6 000 m², a 18th-century house and two more living areas. We aim at building - collectively with citizens, public and private partners - a place of resources dedicated to ecological, pedagogical, digital and social transitions. This "natural oasis" embodies and experiments a project of resilient society, with perspective of swarming knowledge and know-how to other urban territories.

Plan du 15, Tiers LAB des Transistions à Marseille, tiers-lieu du LICA
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Coopération et numérique


& digitals

Démonstateur de tansition, IA et Blockchain


of transitions

Bar et restaurant solaire

Solar Energy

Bar & Restaurant

Living areas & Special events


A Lab dedicated to cooperation

Support citizens and organizations in their necessary transitions to adjust to digital and environmental challenges

  • Training programs : collective intelligence, shared governance , transition entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence & blockchain

  • Programs to collectively take actions or work on cooperation

  • Digital training platform with a blockchain certification of skills




A laboratory to imagine useful and innovative digital tools, with ethics perspectives to support their development

  • Open-source digital tools for all

  • Workshops for children and grown-ups to discover ethical tools

  • Workshops in low-tech for prototyping and building





of transitions

To test & explore models of resilience & economical transitions in cities


  • Workshops in Nature and initiation to Permaculture

  • Participatory seminars to renovate the local water network and positive energy buildings

  • Yoga & meditation area


Residential areas & Special events

To propel an intercultural dynamics in Marseille

  • Hosting international pioneers (researchers, entrepreneurs, artists, journalists, ...)

  • Organization of cultural and business events

  • Availability of facilitators for your events organization (seminars, workshops, meetings...)

"Sublabs" French South Region Labels

LICA belongs to the "SUD LABS" network :  places dedicated to innovation and support of digital tools.

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